Instructions for Completing an Application for Continued Occupancy



According to the Department of Housing & Community Development, everyone participating in the Rental Assistance Program must be re-certified on an annual basis or when their income or family situation changes, and must verify their income, assets and deductions.  


As such, please completely fill out an Application for Continued Occupancy and return to the Attleboro Housing Authority Office.  Failure to follow all of the instructions could result in termination of your lease.


Below are definitions of what documents will be accepted as proof of income and a checklist for your use in providing the correct information.  Please note that you MUST report income for everyone in your household over the age of 18 years and they must also sign a “Release Form”.  If such persons do not have income, they must provide us with a signed “Statement of No Income Form”.   If you require additional forms, both of these can be picked up at the Office.  Keep in mind that we will verify income of all household members over the age of 18 years.





Please gather the paperwork listed below in order that we may verify your Household Income:


q       Wages:  If you are employed and have been at the same place of employment since last year, you may submit the prior year’s Tax Return, otherwise please submit four (4) consecutive current pay stubs.

q       Form 1040, Form 1099, Form W-2 for each household member over the age of 18 years.

q       SSA, SSI, SSDI, TAFDC, etc.:  Submit a current printout from the appropriate agency with the most recent income verification.

q       Child Support Income:  Submit a current printout from the Department of Revenue (in some cases, we will accept four (4) current consecutive payment stubs).

q       Unemployment or VA Benefits:  Submit a current printout from the agency with the most recent income verification (in some cases, copies of checks will be accepted – please call your housing manager for more information).

q       Pension, Annuity, Retirement:  Submit a copy of the most recent statement showing benefits received.

q       Interest:  Submit a statement of interest from your bank.

q       Self-Employment Income:  Submit a copy of the prior year’s Schedule C of Form 1040.

If you are requesting Deductions / Allowances, you must provide the following documents:


q       Medical Expenses:  You may only submit medical insurance bills for which you have already paid.  We will accept cancelled checks, a letter from the insurance company, and/or bank statements, which show medical deductions for such premium.  You may also submit pay stubs showing weekly medical deductions.

q       Co-payments from doctor, dentist, etc.:  You may submit receipts (there must be proof of payment), cancelled checks and/or a statement from the doctor’s office indicating what you have paid. 

q       Medications:  You may submit a printout from your pharmacy for the past 12-month period or store receipts for such prescription medication.

q       Necessary handicapped homemaking expense / handicapped transportation costs:  You must submit proof of payment.

q       Care of children / sick persons necessary for employment:  You must submit proof of payment.